Fully automatic material supply to the processing machine.

Conveyors, seperators, Material switches, suction pumps for material transport and tracking.

EFx-Serie Statusanzeige

Single – phase single conveyor (EFx)

The conveyor separators of the EFx series are ideal for the supply of injection molding machines and small extruders.

The integrated turbine and control makes commissioning very easy.
Power: up to 400kg / h

  • Conveying distances: up to 50m
  • Materials: granules and additives

Separator VH and VHx series

Conveying separator for suction conveyor systems
Conveying separators separate the sucked material from the conveying air. They must be reliable and easy to clean so as not to cause machine failures.
Depending on the application, different types of separators are available.
SFx Pneum-suction conveyers EN 01

Central suction conveyor system

Central suction conveyor systems consist of a central blower / pump station, which feeds several conveyor and separators with negative pressure. On the processing machines the individual conveyors are mounted, which separate the sucked material from the conveying air.

Average performance

Up to 1,200 kg / h
For supplying spraying machines, extruders and blowing machines from silo or material bunkers.

Power: up to 1,200 kg / h
Conveying distances: up to 200 m. Horizontal 7m. vertical
Material: Mostly granules

High performance

Up to 5,000 kg / h
For feeding material containers, dryers or large spraying machines and extruders.

Power: up to 5,000 kg / h
Conveying range: up to 150 m horizontal 7m vertical
Material: Mostly granules


The compressed air operated Venturi conveyors can be used economically for outputs up to 30 kg / h.

  • Cost-effective alternative to suction conveying
  • Easy installation

Prefilters VF and VFx-Series

  • Separate dust and pollution
  • Stainless steel and/or acrylic glass

Blowers & pumps with pre-filters

  • To supply the conveyor systems with negative pressure
  • Individually designed and optimizedPower: up to 30 KW
    Controls up to 45 separators
 drx-drehrohrweiche  maw-2-fach-dm80maw-38

Material switch and supply


Material supply is required to distribute the material. The fault-free function ensures the process. You can choose from different types of points.