Blower stations and filters


Blower stations and filters

Blower and filters are the central components of a suction conveyor system.
The pump type and size are decisive for the achievable delivery capacity and a gentle material transport. They are individually designed and adapted to the respective production situation.



Central prefilters

  •  Reliable protection of the blower / vacuum pump against dust and granules
  • Use in all types of vacuum generators
  • Simple retrofitting in existing conveyor systems
  • Dust is collected centrally
  • With the hinged cover, the filter change can be done with a few handgrips
  • Abrasion and corrosion-resistant stainless steel containers
  • Filter cleaning also without compressed air connection
  • Dust collection bin made of acrylic or stainless steel
  • Filter change in a few seconds, during operation


  • Different filter types and filter materials
  • Filter cleaning by implosion or compressed air
foerderpumpe-abscheider foerderpumpen-system

Blowers and pumps with prefilter

  • To supply the conveyor systems with negative pressure
  • Individually designed and optimized
  • Pump stands with standby and redundancy pump

Power: up to 30 KW
Controls up to 45 separators
/blower hoppers

Assortment Blowers & Pumps

  •      Side channel compressor
  •      Roots pumps
  •      Claw pumps
  •      Pump stands with standby and redundancy pump


VF Filter


Different filters for adapted filter performances and materials

  • Filter sieves in stainless steel VA)
  • Paper
  • PET fine
  • PP
  • Fleece

Conveying control


Options pumps and blowers

Side-channel blower with pre-filter for central day bin loading

Roots pump with pre-filter for dry supply

materialweiche weiche-d60 drx-drehrohrweiche

Material switches and coupling stations

Material switchesis required to distribute the material.
The fault-free function ensures the process.
You can choose from different types of switches.

Types of switches



  • Folding switchs
  • Slide switches