DRx Fully automatic coupling station



Automatic coupling stations/rotating switches convey material without operator at switch points.





drx-drehrohrweiche DRx-24-60

Automatic coupling stations/rotating switches

Conveying material without operator at switch points.

Thus, operator errors are avoided and the speed of the conveyance is increased a number of times.

  • For IM and extrusion
  • Automatic material selection
  • No coupling errors
  • Short retrofitting times
  • Self-cleaning


  • DRx 12-38 Automatic coupling stations/rotating switch  12/12 (In-/Outlets)
  • DRx 24-60 Automatic coupling stations/rotating switch 25/25 (In-/Outlets)
  • DRx Automatic coupling stations/rotating switch 40/40 (In-/Outlets)*


  • DRx Automatic coupling stations/rotating switch for different materials
  • DRx Automatic coupling stations/rotating switch with selectable inflows and outflows
  • Special solutions on request
*in preparation


Reliable material supply with automatic material selection

The fully automatic coupling station is the latest development in material handling and offers superior process design. It reliably links up material sources and destinations. Only the desired material or recipe is delivered to each feed destination, thereby eliminating the possibility of operator errors and downtimes through incorrect coupling.

The use of reliable lightweight design ensures fully-automatic material selection, changeover and distribution of granulate and ground materials as well as masterbatches.

The SFx system takes care of controlling the coupling processes and incorporates silos and dryers in the model-based material handling
(MBM) system.

Our portfolio includes complete feed systems as well as individual feeders and controllers.


  • Positioning through precision stepper motors with encoder
  • Referencing with through-scan photosensor
  • Colour-coded status indication
  • Vertical or horizontal installation possible
  • Complete emptying after every feed cycle
  • Air-jet cleaning before each changeover
  • Seamless rotary pipe
  • Optional: Glass pipes & surface-hardened pipes for abrasive materials
  • Full integration in SFx feed system
  • Within 5 to 10 seconds a new material source and a new promotion target will be selected.
  • Delivery capacity: 700-1500 kg / h (depending on the conveying distance, pipe diameter, pump power, material weight and grain size).
  • Customizable tube diameters.


  • Prevention of incorrect feed connections
  • Batch logging
  • Target material selection: direct or through recipes
  • Full integration into the model-based material handling system. Silos, dryers and containers are included in the control concept
  • Fast material change
  • Reduced inspection and logging requirements
  • Seamless recording of all material flows and connections in log book


With model-based material handling (MBM)

The all-inclusive feed controller

Due to the incorporation of all feeders into the control system, a software model is created that maps the material paths, conveying air volumes and materials to be conveyed in a higher-level structure. The system therefore does much more than just control the individual devices.

We call it model-based material handling, or MBM. It combines the control of silos, suction conveyors and coupling stations and monitors the entire conveying route from silo to processing machine. The path the material takes is recorded completely – including material and batch numbers – and can be viewed by Quality Management at any time. This is especially valuable as a proof of quality for your customers.

– for your material handling –

DRx 24-60 Safety switch door

 RGB Color-coded status display

  • Green = Ready for operation, coupling station operational
  • Red = Fault, positioning error, compressed air missing
  • White = door open
  • Yellow = positioning, switch moves into position
  • Blue = initialization, adjustment


Safety switch for door

More information´s to Coupling stations and switches



DRx Automatic coupling stations are runs with SFx control.
All conveying devices are controlled with this system.


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