Receivers-Separators VH series


Conveying system with receivers and separators for suction conveyor systems (VH series)

Automatic material supply of the processing machines


VH/ VHx  series

The receivers and separators of the VH series are preferably used for granulates, additives and grinding media. These are universally applicable conveyors, which are used both in injection molding and in extrusion.


  •      Graduated power range from 50 – 2,000 kg / h
  •      Integrated filter cleaning
  •      Cartridge filters and fabric filters available
  •      Folding lid for quick filter changes
  •      Quick cleaning through the cylindrical container
  •      Abrasion and corrosion-resistant stainless steel containers
  •      Filter cleaning also without compressed air connection
  •      Reed switch or sonde


  •      Full detector sonde
  •      Compressed air filter cleaning
  •      Mixing valve
  •      Empty suction valve
  •      Glass separator for GF material

Small separators up to 100 kg / h

VH15 / VHx15

  • For direct mounting on a spraying machine
  • Minimal material presentation by glass tube with sonde
  • Cost-effective promotion without flap

Medium separators up to 1.000 kg / h

VH21 / VHx 21

  • For granulate and masterbatch
  • Up to 300 kg / h


  • For new material and additives
  • Up to 600 kg / H


  • For new material and additives
  • Up to 800 kg/H

Receivers and separators > 1.000 kg/h

Those receivers are designed for fillilng day bins, dryers and big extruders.

VH37 up to xxxkg/h
VH48 up to 3000kg/h

 VHx Siebfilter VHx Tuchfilter

Lift-up lid for easy filter change

Different filters


GF separator with glass cylinder for glass fibre (GRP)

GF 21 up to 200kg/h
GF 30 up to 400kg/h

VH 37 Dryblend

Separator for PVC-Dryblend

Designed for separators of JH series and especially for dusty granulates, grinded material and PVC dryblend.

Sie zeichnen sich aus durch :

  • Patronenfilter, Schlauchfilter oder Tuchfilter
  • Extra große Ausfallöffung
  • Putztürchen für Reinigung und Wartung
  • Klappdeckel für einfachen Filterwechsel
  • Druckluftabreinigung für Filter optional