SFx pneumatic suction conveyor systems



SFx pneumatic suction conveyor systems


SFx pneumatic suction conveyor systems


for injection molding and extrusion

• Solid
• Reliable


Pneumatic conveying systems from silo to injection molding machine or extruder

– The navigation device for your material tracking and handling –


The path of the material, including the material and batch number, be monitored and recorded without any gaps, and can be called up at any time by quality management. This offers particular advantages for you and your customers.


• Individual layout for different materials
• Creation of material handling concepts for your operational processes and package sizes
• Selection and, if necessary, reconstruction of the individual system components
• Maximum system availability through redundant pumps, filters and control components
• Flexibility through modular conveyor separators and central filters
• Easy scalability through BUS system with IO nodes
• Maximum control by touch panel computer. From simple 4 “display to 12” system visualization or PC control room
• Seamless coupling and batch detection by RFID dome monitoring
• Fully automatic material supply with the latest technology of automatic coupling stations/rotating switches

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• Up to 200 separators
• Up to 10 vacuum circuits
• Up to 255 I/O nodes
• Autom. standby function for pumps and blowers (for fault)
• Automatic pump start function
• Touch display 4”, 7”, 10” or 12” with housing and PSU
• Connection of automatic coupling stations and material flow tracking
• Separator can be connected between conveying circuits
• Backup PLC for maximum fail-safety and plant availability
• Security Made in Germany (server in Germany with SSAE-16 and ISO 27001 certificates)
• Remote maintenance with router technology (VPN protocols, 24-bit encryption)

Our portfolio offers complete conveyor systems as well as all necessary plant components of a modern material supply.
As individual as your materials and your production is so individual, we plan and realize your bulk material logistics and supply with components tailored to you.
In addition, we provide project planning and installation on site.




As shown in the navigation device, the SFx system stores all pipes, couplings, manifolds and machines and visualizes them in the control system. The paths of the material as well as the process air can be changed separately for each station. The operator can retrieve and modify the same data at different stations.

Conveying with coupling stations
Conveying with fully automatic coupling stations (DRx)


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