CX 300 Batch dosing device

CX 300 Batch dosing device

CX 300 Batch dosing device

Gravimetric conveying system for granules and additives
A single device for conveying, dosing, weighing, mixing and extracting
For exact and homogeneous blends
With integrated vacuum conveying

max. 300 kg/h
4 components (optional 6 components)

Optional also available with drum dosing unit WD1

Batch dosing device, Cx-Series

With integrated vacuum conveying
Gravimetric – conveying, dosing, weighing, mixing, extracting and controlling in a single device
For plastic granulate, additives and ground materials


The Cx-series has been designed for a capacity from 100 kg/h to 1000 kg/h. Its unique, compact design saves space to ensure perfect dosing and mixing results. Whether granulate or ground product – all materials are homogeneously mixed.
Individual components from 0.5 to 100 % are metered into the weighing hopper with sliders. At quantities of 0.05 % to 0.5 %, metering is by a drum dosing station (WD).

Sliders with special seals ensure both an exact metering accuracy and effective sealing for filling the dosing stations.

There is no need to disassemble the feeders for cleaning. Thus maintenance and cleaning become a matter of minutes.


  • Dosing capacity: Up to 300 kg/h, (*depending on bulk density and grain size)
  • Accuracy: About 0.1 % for additives (average of 3)
  • Max. no. of dosing stations: 4, equipped with slider and/or drum dosing device
    (optionally 6 components)
  • Weighing hopper: 8 litres
  • Mixer: 20 litres
  • Housing: Stainless steel 1.4301
  • Compressed air: Max. 6 bar
  • Electrical connection: 400 VAC, 50 Hz


• Extremely compact design
• Integrated feeding and dosing devices
• Optimised for ground material
• Extraction synchronised with mixer and dosing
• Pneumatic extraction slider with emptying function
• Direct extraction in dosing station
• Low demixing of materials during feed to extruder or injection moulding machine
• No separate material containers under device necessary
• Material saving through high-precision dosing
• Automatic adaptation to bulk density changes
• Easy cleaning and disassembly
• Full cleaning in under 30 minutes
• Mixing container emptying function
• Ethernet interface with Modbus UDP
• Plexiglass door (standard)
• Colour status indication


• Suitable for all Cx series devices
• Inexpensive version
• Control indication with 5” or 7” touch display
• Easy, intuitive operation
• Control of up to 10 feeders
• Control of mixer, weighing hopper flap, pneumatic extraction slider, emptying function
• Manual operation
• Configuration through SD card
• Modbus UDP interface
• Microcontroller technology

Steuerung Cx-Visu


• Up to 6 components
• Micro-dosing with drum dosing device WD1
• Installation possible directly onto injection moulding machine or extruder

REMOTE CONTROL Cx Operator (optional)

• Various visualization devices (5″, 7 “, 10”)
• Intuitive central operation
• User rights management
• Recipe memory for single and coex systems (optionally for up to 3 devices)
• Consumption indicator (total) for selected recipes
• Logbook (logs, switching states, fault messages, settings)
• Material memory
• Easy manual recipe selection (standard)
• Recipe import through barcode scan (optional)
• Order log (optional)
• Central operation for ground material conveying systems
• Data export to USB stick


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