WD precision drum dosing device

WD precision drum dosing device

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WD precision drum dosing device – Innovation in dosing

Drum dosing device of the newes generation

  • Gravimetric
  • Volumetric

< 0,01g per shot

The innovative drum dosing system WD makes it possible to dose both – granulate and powder.

The WD system is particularly suitable for the dosage of small quantities of granules.
Further applications for powder



Gravimetric dosing system
Up to 3 materials
Dosing on main stream of material

WD 1

Cyclic dosing system
Up to 5 materials
Dosing on main stream of material


Simultaneous dosing system
Up to 5 materials
Simultaneous single dosing of the components

WD-system on device

WD devices on different devices

For precicion dosing

GD1 WD1-2kWD1-3k WD2 Cx 150 Serie 3



The devices of the WD series are used for coloring on the injection molding machine. These are simple volumetric dosing devices, which dose the additive material into the free material flow of the main component.

The devices are suitable for normal and micro injection molding, as well as for the extruder.


  •      For shot weights <0.01g per shot * 1
  •      Up to 5 materials (4 additives, 1 main material)
  •      Quick change of additives
  •      Less waste
  •      Fast emptying
  •      Microfine dosage


  •      No wear parts (roller without scraper)
  •      Precise dosage by stepping motor with Hall sensor
  •      Blocking detection
  •      Equal dosage by variable speed
  •      Only one test dosing for the entire speed range
  •      Various dispensing programs


  •      Shot-related addition of additives
  •      Main component in free feed
  •      Color Touch Panel 3,5 ”
  •      logbook
  •      Ethernet
  •      FTP
  •      USB
  •      Selectable roller housing (aluminum or stainless steel)
  •      Selectable rolling stock (- plastic or stainless steel)
  •      Selectable delivery capacity thanks to adapted roller geometry
  •      Removable control unit

WD2- Simultanious dosing (up to 4 drum dosing units on a single foot)

WD system on devices