WD 2


Drum dosing device WD2

– next generation drum dosing device –
Simultaneous, continuous dosage – highly accurate small dose dispensing

  • 1.0g per shot up to> 300kg / h * 1
  • Precise dosage for micro injection molding and extrusion
  • Volumetric – Extreme precision – High repeatability-
  • Without wear parts


The unique drum dosing concept has been specially developed for the dosing of free-flowing materials.
The special geometry of the exchangeable dosing drums as well as the adjustment of the speed of rotation makes it possible to precisely dose the smallest dosing quantities.

Due to the high precision and repeatability, the drum dosing system is excellently suited for shot-based dosing in micro injection molding / injection molding as well as for continuous dosing on extrusion lines.

The use of different roller geometries results in a large dosing range of approx. 10 to 300 kg / h * 1.

The calibration and cleaning can be carried out in a very short time thanks to the sophisticated design.

* 1: Per shot, depending on bulk density and grain size


• Up to 2 components can be dosed
• No wear parts (wipers)
• Fast emptying of the batch / additive station. This results in faster color changes and less material.
• Resistant to vibration and shock
• Easy cleaning without tools
• Large dosing range due to variable speed and drum geometries
• Continuous discharge – Low pulsation


• Up to 4 dosable components
• Intuitive operation with touch panel
• User and rights management
• Logbook exportable to USB stick
• Recipe store
• Consumption counter
• External control module for conveying (optional)
• Modbus UDP interface
• FTP server
• Display mounting on the device or in a separate control cabinet


• External control module for pneumatic suction conveying
• Control on the device or externally mountable
• Different sizes (Small, Medium, Large)
• Dosing housing / dosing drum in aluminum or stainless steel
• Adaptable mounting flange for each processing machine
• Fully-gravimetric design
• Powder dosing station with planetary dosing unit

drum-dosing    WD2 2k Ansicht WD2 2k Meldesonde WD2 2k Demontage WD2 2k Walzenwechsel gd1-walzen gd1-walze WD-Steuerung-OP4



Dosing capacity 1,0g per shot up to  >300kg/h*1

*1: Abhängig von der Schüttdichte und Korngröße
Walzenleistung max.
Walzenkanäle 6-45mm
Stainless steel, plastic (POM)

• 6mm bis 1g/s
• 12mm bis 3g/s
• 25mm bis 10g/s
• 45mm bis 30g/s

Stepper motor with encoder monitoring 51.200 steps per rotation
(Option: 870,400 steps per rotation)
Blocking detection by Hall sensor
Max. Dosing stations 2 (2 additives)
Electrical connection 230V AC, 50Hz

System Variations & Dosage Options

The innovative drum dosing system WD2 makes it possible to dose both – granules and powder.

WD1: Cyclic dosing system (metering on main flow of material)
WD2: Simultaneous dosing system (simultaneous single dosing of the components)
WD 1 or 2 on devices
WD Powder: High Precision powder dosing


WD system


WD1 – compact version, dosage into the material flow (1 main component, 1 additive)
WD2 simultaneous dosing (up to 4 drum dosing devices on one foot)
WD system on other devices





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