Material Tracking


Material Tracking

Networked equipment and systems for optimum production

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Material Tracking

The right Material in the right time to the right machine.
Dosing and conveying systems for the plastic industry

Precondition for the security in the process are all upstream and downstream peripherals. With our storage and conveyor systems we ensure an optimal and fast delivery.
Our model-based material handling ensures monitoring and control.

Model-based material handling (MBM)
– The Navi for material conveyance –
Pneumatic suction conveyor systems are an important component in the production of high-quality products in modern plastic processing. The automated material supply with granulates, masterbatches and grinding media ensures high plant utilization and availability, is an integral part of the production infrastructure and is networked with many upstream and downstream processes. Material silos, dosing, drying and also processing machines must work together optimally.


The model-based material handling functions are similar to a navigation device in the vehicle.
It maps the devices and routes from the reality, links all units together and indicates the states of the individual devices. Actual statuses of the materials, clutches and faults, batch numbers and other parameters of the process are logged and displayed in a user-friendly touch display, which can be attached to any position. The self-developed SGX control and visualization is the core of the approach and the logical level between conveyor control and visualization system. At this level, the complete material supply, with all silos, bunkers, fixed pipe connections, dome stations, dryers, conveyor separators and machines, is imaged in a computer-internal object model, which constantly matches setpoint and actual parameters. The variable coupling connections are detected by RFID sensors and complete the model.


If the content of a material source, e.g. yy filling with a new batch, a message is displayed on the touch panel visually from the material source, following the path of the virtual pipes over all coupling stages, and a logbook entry is generated. If a material is not to be released, the source can be quarantined. Conveying is then no longer possible. Materials audited by quality management can be released again by registered users. This gives process security. The stored data and the process tracking can be accessed via an integrated FTP server into the network and the data can be exported to a USB data carrier.


The special value of these systems is to carry out the requirements which have hitherto been fulfilled by the operating personnel and the company organization. This includes ensuring and recording that the desired material arrives at the machines, which batch of material has been fed to the machine, that the material has been properly dried, and that only released material is used. These requirements go beyond the pure control functions of conventional suction conveyor systems are covered by the MBM in the best way.

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Networked systems require networked controllers. Our systems can be controlled centrally or decentrally. They offer many adjustment possibilities.