New products

new products


Dosieren Fördern Material-Tracking

GD 1

GD1 Gravimetrisches Dosiergerät

Precise gravimetric dosing <0,01g/shot*

*1depending on bulk density and grain size




High precision dosing < 0,01g/per shot



Continuous micro dosing for extrusion moulding


Cx 50

Cx 50

High precision dosing up to 50kg/h

Cx 300

Gravimetric batch metering device

With integrated vacuum conveying
Extremely compact
A single device for conveying, dosing, weighing, mixing and extracting
• Conveying & dosing, perfectly matched

Hx 800 PET-Preformer


Hot dosing device with micro-dosing capability
Superior precision for PET preforms

Up to 80% grinded material*

• Holcobatch < 0.01 %
• Masterbatch
• Virgin & grinded material up to 180°C in a single dosing device
• Integrated feed

DRx coupling stations

drx-drehrohrweiche DRx-24-60

Automatic coupling station DRx 12, 24, (40*)


• For IM and extrusion
• Automatic material selection
• No coupling errors
• Short retrofitting times
• Self-cleaning

*coming soon


Fördergerät VHx30VH48

VHx Conveying Units

• Conveying for injection molding machines and extruders for suction conveyor systems with central blower stations
• For granules, regrind, flakes, PVC-dry blend
• Maximum flexibility through a modular system



EFx-Serie Statusanzeige

EFx series single-phase conveyor separators

The EFx series of conveyers are ideal for supplying injection molding machines and small extruders. The integrated turbine and control makes commissioning very easy.


SFx pneumatic suction conveyors and material tracking

For injection moulding and extrusion MATERIAL SUPPLY
• Efficient
• Robust
• Reliable

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