Lagern storage

Silos, Tanks, Feed containers, bunker, containers, feeding containers, intermediate bunker, okta bin, big bag

With conveyors. with coupling fields. Stainless steel, aluminum.
SCx silo management system

Everything for the storage and conveying of plastics.


SCx Silo-Management



Measuring and visualization system for external silos and material containers
The right material in the right silo.

The right material in the right container is the prerequisite for the availability of the raw materials and the safety in the process. With our storage and conveyor systems, we ensure an optimal and fast delivery. Our model-based material handling ensures monitoring and control.


Silos and containers

  MB-500 MaterialbunkerMAS 3000 Materialbehälter mit Kuppelfeld

Silos, containers external silos and material containers

For small and large quantities

• with coupling field
• without coupling field

• with suction conveyors
• without suction conveyors

Big Bag handling

Lagern  BigBag-Befüllstation

Big bag handling

Filling stations
Emptying station